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Your choice of two items from the sections below 8.99

Soups (Served in a cup)

Onion soup - Served with croutons and cheese.
Carrot soup - Served with cream and coriander. (cold or hot)

Salads (Served in a bowl)

Goat cheese salad - Lettuce, tomato, olives, walnuts, one goat, cheese.
Tomatoes / mozzarella salad - Lettuce, basil, olive oil, croutons.
Spinach / feta salad - Tomato, olives, balsamic dressing, pine nuts.

Quiches (Served with one vegetable side du jour)

Lorraine quiche - Ham and cheese with onion and herbs.
Spinach quiche - Garlic and cheese.
Seafood quiche - Fresh fish selected daily.

Crepes (Served with one vegetable side du jour)

Salmon - Rolled crepe filled with creamy tarragon sauce salmon and cheese.
Spinach and ham cheese - With lemon juice and béchamel sauce.
Mushrooms - Sautéed with béchamel sauce, herbs, onion, bacon, topped with cheese.

We recommend you compliment your meal with a glass of wine and save room for dessert.

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