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Salmon with Roasted Garlic:
         Atlantic salmon sautéed in olive oil, herbs and spices, flambéed and
         served with mellow grill-roasted garlic cloves
- 22

Saffron Red Snapper:    
        Wild red snapper fillet pan-seared in olive oil and served with yellow
        saffron sauce and shallots with cream sauce
- 21

Tender Tilapia
        Organically raised tilapia pan-seared in olive oil and butter and flambéed and served
        with a tasty lemon caper cream sauce
- 20

Trout Amandine:                
          Farm-raised King Ruby red trout fillet, sautéed in clarified butter with zesty
          lemon and parsley and flambéed with white wine and crunchy toasted almonds
- 20

Filet of Sole:                       
          Sole Fillets sautéed in olive oil and flambéed with lemon juice and served with
          tomato sauce with herbs, shallots and red wine
- 21

Shrimp Flambé:
          Tender wild tiger shrimp sautéed in butter with shallots and fresh tarragon and
          flambéed with imported French Pernod and accent of cream
- 22

Scallops with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
        Plump wild scallops seared in olive oil and simmered in an aromatic and fresh basil and
        sun-dried tomato cream sauce
- 23

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