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Authentic French Cassoulet:
       Southern French stew simmered with tender duck, lamb, pork loin, sausage,
        white beans and seasoned with a blend of herbs, onions and garlic
 - 25

French Boeuf Bourguignon a L'Orange: 
        Beef filet tips sauteed in olive oil, simmered in red wine and orange peels and
        flavored with an aromatic blend of garlic, herbs and mushrooms
- 23

Veal Cordon Bleu:             
        Lightly breaded pan-seared veal cutlets, filled with ham and Swiss cheese,
        seasoned with herbs/ lemon zest and oven-baked with melted Swiss cheese
- 22

Tarragon Chicken:
         Pan-seared chicken simmered in white wine with a flavorful blend of shallots,
         garlic, herbs, tarragon and French Pernod, and oven-baked to perfection
- 21

Parmesan Pork Cutlets:
        Pork cutlets breaded with savory imported Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs,
         sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with a delicious blend of herbs
- 22

Lamb Ribs:
        Tender grilled lamb ribs, served with a homemade creamy and mellow
         balsamic, goat cheese, basil and shallot sauce
- 24

Fillet Grill:                        
         Choice aged grilled tenderloin fillet served with a brandy peppercorn sauce - 25

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